Interior decoration

Hip Holidays in Houses with History

The name says it all: our houses are large, contemporary buildings, both with a story to tell. The LOFT is a former wine barn and the MANOIR is the centuries-old manor house of a wine family from whom we were able to purchase some beautiful old eye-catchers.

Houses with a soul that we have renovated with modern luxury and comfort for the perfect holiday!

We aim for a trendy contemporary style, between art and kitsch, with a nod to the past.

We use a mix of curios, vintage elements, design pieces, new and ‘old’ and, as mentioned, art and kitsch. Throw in some humour like statues having a chat, a porcelain watchdog by the door, a more than ‘kitschy’ painting above the bed and you have an idea of our decor.

Be warned that because we love to decorate, the photos on the website may not be entirely accurate; we change our decor regularly!