About us

We were leading a happy life in the Netherlands.

Micky was a manager in the childcare business and Roger was an entrepreneur: he had a company in the refurbishment of antique and designer furniture. Our daughters Coco and Roxy were 6 and 4 when we left the Netherlands in 2007. 

We love to renovate and decorate. We are always looking for that one detail, that one chair, that perfect colour to make a room beautiful. Micky likes to cook, Roger likes to do odd jobs in and around the house, as we both love people and hospitality.

On top of that, we are always up for new adventures, love to travel, learn about other cultures and enjoy the sun immensely. Actually, our move to France made a lot of sense.


Once we had this dream, we could not shake it…

It was never our intention to emigrate. It was actually a coincidence: we saw a beautiful picture of a building in the south of France. The following week we went to see it. Unfortunately, the beautiful building was not so special in reality. We were really disappointed and realised that a seed had been planted. We wanted to continue looking for a house in France, a dream was born.

We knew what we liked about holidays: to be surrounded by nice people, but not mass tourism. A beautiful place with individuality and character. A luxurious room or apartment with a nice bathroom and shower, good food, a glass of wine and friends for the children. Luxury but not over the top. In any case, enough space to be with others or to read or dream in solitude. This is what we wanted for our future guests!

We also wanted sun, lots of sun: Mediterranean sun, no more grey skies! As for the location, we wanted the house to be in a charming village, not isolated, but close to a town with all its advantages.We set out to find a large, stately property to renovate and decorate to our own taste. Situated in a lovely village and close to the sea. We were in search of the perfect place for our family of four and our guests. Our search lasted almost 2 years but we found our dream place: Domaine des Agnelles.

2018, 11 years later

We decided to sell our Bed and Breakfast to concentrate on renting out holiday homes. This allows us to indulge in two of our greatest hobbies: building, renovating and furnishing houses plus welcoming guests who want to enjoy our houses and the beautiful region!

We started looking for another unique, small holiday home and a few months later we bought our new project. 

A house of over 400m2, not small but so extremely beautiful that we couldn’t resist buying it.

Unique Boutique Houses is born, a fusion of the LOFT and the MANOIR, our second XL Boutique House, this time for 15 guests.


One year later, we say goodbye to our domaine. Bed and Breakfast Domaine des Agnelles is sold to new lucky people.

Moving, yes, but only 15 kilometres away. We are married to our beautiful region and will continue to live here ourselves.  Unique Boutique Houses is our new project that we have enthusiastically started. We aim to offer our guests a wonderful stay in one of our houses. UBH currently consists of two houses, but as a little inside information: we are already working on new plans!

Our challenge is to furnish the characteristic houses in a unique, warm and quirky way, with beautiful details, gorgeous pools and modern luxury and comfort.

And because we live in the beautiful south, the surroundings, the sea, the beach and the mountains do the rest!

Living our dream

During dinner last summer a lovely small girl came over to us and exclaimed: “You are living on holiday!”.

And that’s it! We are living our dream!

We hope to welcome you, bienvenue!

Micky and Roger