Our green choices

Grand Narbonne, the town of Narbonne and 37 surrounding villages, is situated in a beautiful region with wonderful products from fantastic suppliers.

Grand Narbonne is the area of which we are part of with our two houses.

Figs, apricots, olives, wine: local produce straight from the land.
Whenever possible, we buy local and encourage our guests to do the same. Buying local has less of an impact on the environment and it’s nice to support local entrepreneurs and farmers. In our garden in Bize-Minervois we have beautiful fruit trees. We let our guests enjoy them too, as everyone receives a jar of homemade jam on arrival (among all sorts of other local surprises).

The local baker, the olives from L’Oulibou, the produce from the markets in Bize-Minervois and Narbonne, the wine straight from the local winegrower and the coffee on the terrace in the village.
Local products, buying from the people behind the product, green choices that make the world a little better.

To contribute to a better world, as a company we also try to make other green choices.

Of course we separate our waste and encourage our guests to do the same. Needless to say, we do not use unnecessary plastic.

Water and electricity use

We also use rainwater and groundwater from our own well in both houses to reduce water consumption. We have a dual flush system. The groundwater is used for watering the plants and flushing the toilets, dishwasher and washing machine.
Our pools are not chlorinated but filled with salt water. Adding salt disinfects the pool and converts the salt to chlorine. This is a natural way for people and the environment and a better option than adding chemical chlorine.
We have solar panels on our LOFT and these will also be installed on the MANOIR.
In this way we are trying to create energy efficient holiday homes. In addition to the solar panels, we have double glazed windows, extra attention has been paid to the insulation of the houses and we use a heat pump.
And ….
To make the world a better place, every November we donate to a good cause. For every weekly booking in either house, we will donate €25 to a local charity. We will announce our annual choice on Instagram.